How Lil Peep Changed The Music Industry


Well known rapper Lil Peep, whose real name is Gustavo Åhr, revolutionized the music industry. When he first started releasing music on Soundcloud, he quickly gained fame for creating a new genre of music which fans started calling ‘emo rap’.  Gus combined his dark lyrics with catchy hip hop beats. Popular singers have even stated that Lil Peep was the ‘Kurt Cobain’ of this generation. He sang about topics that other older, and more well known singers have said they were too scared to sing about. Those things involved heavy drug use, death, and heartbreak. Peep was always open about how he felt, and he used his music to help him express himself and open up to his fans. He joined ‘Goth Boi Clique’ (also known as GBC) in 2016, where he met many new producers and rappers. Gus began to collaborate with them and make numerous songs, with members like Lil Tracy, Horse Head, and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. All of this helped Lil Peep continuously gain more fame and recognition over time, before he passed away on November 15, 2017. Even though he may not be here physically, his spirit will always live on. As Peep once said, “You can’t kill energy, you know? Energy doesn’t die.” Rest In Peace.