The Power of Music


I know that now in times of this epidemic quarantine has us staying at home and for some of us it may cause us to feel a certain way and that feeling maybe sadness from missing school and friends. A lot of people  have been able to talk to their friends but some haven’t been in contact with their friends. A lot of us need an escape from home but we can’t and for that reason I listen to music as a way to relieve myself from what feels like a box. Music is an amazing way to get everything off your mind and helps you focus on anything you’re working on. For example I’m listening to music while writing this and is helping me distract myself from all the noise my mom is making and it’s canceling the sound of the TV. Music also can help a person calm down and relieves stress. Music can also help you express yourself by allowing you to make a song yourself or through the lyrics of a certain song you understand on a different level than other people. Music has its way that makes people feel free and happy. For some people music is a form of art and it’s a part of them and they plan on seeking a career in the music industry and I wholeheartedly support those who want to go that path.