Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory (Part 2)


Continuing from my previous article discussing my coronavirus conspiracy theory, I would like to elaborate on my previous idea. But before expanding on this theory, I would like to give my readers a quick rundown of what was explained in the last article. In summary, I believe that the U.S. government knew that the coronavirus was making its way to America and teamed up with China (the country that we now can define as to where COVID-19 originated) as a way to control population numbers. China and the U.S. have been dealing with large population numbers for decades. Currently, the number of deaths in the United States, China, and several other countries is very high. Personally, I am not surprised, if they knew how rapid the worldwide spread would be and how seriously deadly this virus is, given the fact that America, as well as other countries, did not take precautions to prepare for when the coronavirus would eventually come in contact with their citizens.

Expanding on this idea, I hate to include ideas of the Illuminati into this theory, but after breaking it down, it may seem very likely in terms of accuracy. Giving a brief explanation of what the Illuminati is known for and what other theorists believe the cult is capable of, the Illuminati is a very dangerous cult that consists of America’s most powerful and influential individuals. It is assumed that the cult’s membership is a large amount of politicians, Hollywood celebrities and even the U.S. president.

Taking a look at current pop cultural news, a very large number of celebrities and pro-athletes of been officially declared as having cases of the coronavirus in their system. Just to name a few, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, P!nk, Rudy Gobert, Andy Cohan, Chris Cuomo, Brad “Scarface” Jordan, and Kevin Durant have tested positive for the virus. The news of their medical test results have been blown up on news stations, radio stations, and many platforms of social media. I believe that these celebrities have either purposely agreed to voluntarily receive the coronavirus into their system, or truly tested negative for the virus but lied about their actual results and shared it to the public. Why would they do something of that nature? It is because these celebrities are a part of the Illuminati and were a part of a plan to scare the public.


Think about it- if somebody as important as Tom Hanks or P!nk can be susceptible to the coronavirus, it can certainly be just as effective to an ordinary American citizen. And of course, seeing our most beloved role models we look up to the most in such a weak state is both heart breaking and scary. Fear is the one emotion that can manipulate human beings the easiest and the most successfully. If we are vulnerable and frightened, it will be easy for anybody or anything to exploit us and lead us down the most unethical path. And it would be harder for us to realize the difference between who we could trust or who we should stray away from because so much fear has manifested our minds and morals.