The Coronavirus’s Effect on Families

The Coronavirus's Effect on Families

2020 has been an interesting year, with the novel coronavirus. Now we can’t go outside or interact with people that aren’t in our house. Now we have to wear uncomfortable masks in public and stay six feet away from everyone around us. Now everyone is in quarantine, but a lot of people still choose to go outside, mask free. For everyone that isn’t wearing a mask, you are putting others and yourself at risk. It’s like you want to get yourself or others sick.

A lot of people have become lazy or lazier in quarantine. Being inside most of the time with very little to do gets very boring very fast. Whenever people are out doing something a lot they want to go home for a while and not work. Then when they get home they realize that it’s not that great, and they get bored eventually. It’s the same with school–I would prefer to have hundreds of essays to write if I could go back to school.

During the summer there is a time when students forget some of the material that they learned, and it is happening during the virus. Right now a lot of kids are being deprived of their childhood. Kids in kindergarten are not building speaking skills or interacting with anyone; kindergarten is a very important year to develop speaking and thinking skills and they are missing it.

This has been hard for a lot of people, to lose a family member or to know someone who got the virus because it can kill them. I knew someone with the virus, but thankfully they recovered. Many people think that they will be fine out there without a mask, not washing hands, and traveling, but the truth is, they aren’t. You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms. Just because of who you are or if you’re tough doesn’t make you immune to the virus. Thousands and thousands of people are dying worldwide because of these careless people that think that they’re better than everyone else. The more people get the virus, the faster it will spread. The only way to get out of this situation is if we come together to wear masks, wash hands, and social distance because no matter who you are, you can still get the virus.