Anxiety And How It Affects A Person


Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses in the U.S. They affect approximately 40 million adults and people are affected by it every year. But, what is it exactly? Well, anxiety is a mental illness that usually affects the whole body, but mainly affects the brain the most. People who suffer from anxiety are affected by a type of stress that makes the person have an intense and repetitive feeling of worry and fear. This feeling then starts to make the person have the following symptoms: nervousness, feeling of danger or panic, rapid breathing or heartbeat, sweating, trembling, weakness, difficulty focusing, and many more. But be aware that not everyone has the same experience when having anxiety so the symptoms may be different for everyone.

So, as the population of people dealing with anxiety continues to grow, it’s best to try to find ways you can help make a person with anxiety feel less scared or stressed. You could try to understand how a person’s anxiety attack can start so when they’re nearing a situation or place where it could happen, you can know how to help them avoid getting that attack. Never try to tell someone who is suffering from an anxiety attack that they’re over exaggerating or are being dramatic because that will make things much worse. Overall, the best thing a person could do to help someone suffering from an attack is to try to help them calm down, or try to tell them everything will be okay or just let them know that you’re there for that person and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible because you never know how bad things could get for a person affected by anxiety and let me tell you, it can get really bad. So that’s anxiety and how it affects a person.