Is It Better to Cook at Home or Order Food Out?



This is the question we have asked ourselves for the past 6 months. Should we risk getting COVID while trying to get a tasty Big Mac or stay at home and eat what we have? Now, there are pros and cons to eating out and cooking at home. A pro of cooking at home is that it is easier to avoid food allergies. I have a severe peanut allergy, so I have to be extra careful when I eat out. A pro to eating out is that you do not have to cook. I am not the best cook around, so it is a delight when I get to eat out. Now, on to the cons. A con to cooking at home is that people who work for long hours might not have the time to cook. I do not cook a whole lot because I have homework, which takes me a long time to do. A con for ordering food out is that it’s expensive. Some places I have eaten at are really expensive and sometimes made me think we should just eat at home. In my opinion, I like both options, but I slightly prefer eating at home.