Noodles and Jazz

Noodles (left) & Jazz (right)
Picture Credit: Mrs. Proxmire

Noodles (left) & Jazz (right) Picture Credit: Mrs. Proxmire

Recently Elsinore High School farm had some new additions. Around springtime last year the farm had many new offspring. There was a total of nineteen, seven kids (baby goats), and twelve piglets. When the pigs were born some complications occurred and the mothers were lost. Even though this is a sad occurrence the farm made profit off selling the piglets to appropriate owners and was able to purchase two new sows, or female pigs. They are two years old and have been bred before veterinary science teacher, Mrs. Leak, tells me. Noodles is a Duroc breed and Jazz is a Hampshire breed. They are getting ready to breed again in November, setting them up to give birth in March. The farm is so excited to welcome these two to their new and permanent home.