What Is Mental Health and Why Is It So Important in Students?


Simply put, mental health includes three different parts: our social, psychological and emotional well-being. Mental health affects not only how we think and act but how we make choices and handle stress. Mental illness affects millions of people including myself and everyone experiences it differently whether it be depression, anxiety or many other disorders. The reason why mental health is important is because it can consume people’s lives and affect how we think and feel, and even though many people struggle with mental health issues it is still something that people tend to brush off as not important. School is one of the big factors that contribute to mental health and is something that needs to be discussed more throughout the school year. Mental health is something that needs to be normalized throughout schools and should be talked about, so that students can find resources and ways to deal with this. Full disclosure, mental health takes a toll on people’s well-being and the more people know about it the better they can cope with it.