Products I Don’t Recommend Using For Curly Hair



If you use this product on your hair just throw it away, for a lot of reasons, but the main one is that the new products have Isopropyl Alcohol in them, which is basically rubbing alcohol. Having this in the product dries your hair out, which also strips your hair of natural oils that can cause your curls to start to die.


If you don’t know what this product is, then good, stay away from it. I bought some of these products because I saw everyone using it on my social media. Even though this product smells good don’t use it because it’s way too expensive. A curl definer was $30 and it’s full of sulfates and silicons.


This product is kind of good but some of their products aren’t good and are over priced, like $25-$30 for some of the products. The “Quick Curls” has a lot of different silicons in it but the product “Pillow Curls” doesn’t and for my hair, defines my curls better and controls frizz. It’s very popular and some products are worth the money but others aren’t. You just need to check the ingredients.


There are a lot of YouTubers and TikTokers talking about how this product was making them lose hair. I personally bought some products but only used them for a couple of weeks before I stopped using them because I don’t want my hair to fall out. Since I didn’t know the reason why, I did research on it and as of right now they’re going through a lawsuit for putting relaxers in their product which is why people’s hair is falling out. If you own this product please throw it out.