Trump & Biden Presidential Election


In the race for the presidential election, both parties are putting forth their best efforts, with the Democratic party pushing for Biden and Harris as their candidates, and the Republican Party sticking with Trump and Pence. However, we haven’t quite seen Biden as much, as people say he is hiding in his basement hiding from the public while Trump is out in public, keeping the people informed.

If you look at the presidential polls you can see Trump in the lead, pulling through while Biden’s approval rating starts dropping near election day. People are wondering why is it that Biden is tanking in the polls, and it could be that Biden has a dirty past on what he supported before, like being against gay marriages. He said this while running for vice president with Obama for the presidential election for 2008 even way before Trump was supportive of the idea of gay marriage before even trying to run for president. But, another reason why some people are unhappy with the Democrats is where they left God out of some things at their DNC (Democratic National Convention), even in the pledge of allegiance. This made other Democrats favor Trump and the RNC (Republican National Convention) for their speeches and leadership throughout his presidency, and he could likely be our next president for 2020 if Biden doesn’t step up to the plate.