Gender Reveal Turns Into A Large Fire


In El Dorado Ranch Park in Yucaipa in the morning there was gender reveal party where they were using a smoke type of device that ended up causing a fire and so far the fire has burnt about 13,500 acres. There has been road and forest closure and many people have been evacuated but that order was lifted on Thursday but with caution. A couple roads are still closed as of Thursday along with the forest closures. On Thursday the firefighters had it 31% contained. The fire has been going on for 6 days now. There also have been 6 buildings that have been damaged and 10 buildings that have been destroyed. The fire has been heading towards highway 38. There are still some evacuations happening in Yucaipa and the Oak Glen area. Some police departments are saying to reschedule Big Bear vacations. This whole situation was just caused by a gender reveal device and the crazy hot heat. It could have been avoided if the group took precautions but again it was just an accident.