Suicide Prevention Month


When is Suicide Prevention Month?

September is Suicide Prevention Month, and even though September is one month out of the year, suicide prevention is year round. Suicide Prevention Month raises awareness of suicide, which takes over 800,000 lives a year. While suicide is a topic not a lot of people like to talk about it is something that needs to be discussed in order to bring awareness to it. Suicide and self-harm can be prevented but people need to be willing to educate themselves and be open to talking about this subject. The first start in prevention is breaking the silence and drawing attention to suicide awareness.

Signs someone may need support

  • Someone expressing feelings of being trapped or feeling like there is no way out
  • Someone feeling hopeless or feeling like there is no reason to live
  • Someone expressing dangerous or self-harming behavior
  • Someone withdrawing from relationships with friends, family, or activities they enjoy

How to be supportive

There are many ways to be supportive of someone who is feeling suicidal. Some of these ways include: letting someone express their feelings to you and giving support, not criticizing or minimizing the way a person is feeling, and providing direction to resources that can identify and treat mental health. There are lots of ways to help someone who is feeling suicidal but the most important one is listening. Remember it’s okay not to be okay.