Ways To Stay Busy During Quarantine


Photo Credit: lOvE lOvE

Closeup of brush and palette.

Even though bans are getting lifted we should all stay in quarantine, or else we’ll never get out of quarantine.

Finding A New Hobby

Find a new hobby, like maybe painting; it passes time and also you get something out of it.
Finding a new hobby is pretty easy. If there’s something that you’re even a little interested in just try it. New hobbies that I picked up are sewing\ making ripped jeans, painting\drawing, redecorating my room, and learning Tiktok dances.

24 Hour Facetiming

My mom thinks this is a waste of time but during quarantine there’s nothing but time. At the beginning of quarantine me and my friends tried to FaceTime as long as we could. It’s really fun and doesn’t make you feel so alone, but does make your phone over-heat and it dies if you forget to charge it

Find A New Show

During this quarantine I have watched over a hundred movies and watched a lot of shows like Criminal Minds which has 15 seasons, Shameless which has 10 seasons, LAPD which has so many, and CSI and any other show on Netflix that has 1 or 2 seasons. My parents paid for almost every app to watch TV on so me and my siblings wouldn’t be so bored and I think there’s to much too watch. I’m currently watching Euphoria.


This hobby can get really messy and if you’re like me I hate doing dishes so that’s one downside. After you cook for a while you can get good at it. For example I made a seafood boil and the first time it was good because I followed a recipe but then I didn’t on the second time and it wasn’t good at all. The more I made it the better it got, and the easier it got.