Will Green Energy Replace Fossil Fuels?


Electricity is very important in our daily lives. It gets our coffee heated, lets us have warmth and lighting, and allows us to communicate with each other. Electricity is very important, but it comes at a cost. Currently there are thousands of pounds of coal being burned every day, polluting the air, causing climate change, and getting many people sick. However, there is an alternative, green energy. Green energy is energy that is renewable, meaning that it is supplied naturally through nature, like water, wind, and sunlight. People have developed wind farms, solar panels and electric cars to try and combat climate change caused by pollution. Statistics show that solar panels have an efficiency between 15% and 20%, coal has up to 40%, and natural gases have up to 60%. In the short term, coal and gases are better, but for long term effects on the environment, solar energy is much better. We aren’t there yet, but people are trying to create more efficient wind farms and solar panels. To help with the rise of green energy we can get solar panels on our house, get an electric car, turn off electronics when not in use, etc. All we can hope is that in the future we can stop burning fossils fuels and can rely on green energy to stop climate change and supply us with power.