SZA Is Coming Back With a New Album!


SZA is finally coming back!

Sza said that there is new music by her coming out but maybe not an album, but I hope it’s an album. SZA’s last album, Ctrl, was released on June 9, 2017. Recently SZA’s songs have been going through TikTok and her fans have been listening to her just like old times waiting for her new music.

Was it her personal life?
In an interview SZA said that she wanted to release her music on her own terms. She fell into a deep depression after losing her grandmother, great aunt, and her friend Mac Miller. She was working on healing herself from a depression state.

Is her label to blame?

In 2015 she tweeted that “At this Point ya’ll gotta ask punch.” Punch is her record label, and after fans kept tweeting him about when was her album coming out he only responded with “soon.” He has done this since 2017, which has made a couple of her fans and even SZA upset.

Rumors I’ve heard…

One rumor I kept hearing/ reading was that Sza was retiring which she has denied for a long time but many fans believed in this because of her not releasing any music and only doing features over the years. I’ve also heard that SZA was going to release all her music during the 3 years that she didn’t.