Global Warming: Causes and Effects


Global Warming has been an issue since the 1970s and now it’s getting extremely concerning for our planet. So what is Global Warming? Well, it’s the progressive rising temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere, surface, and oceans all caused by its inhabitants, humans.

Over the past years, the temperature of the earth has risen tremendously and it’s not going to slow down. The causes of such a problem are when carbon dioxide, air pollution, and greenhouse gases collide together in the atmosphere and absorb the sun’s light and solar radiation recoils off our planet. But, the problem with this is instead of the radiation floating back out to space, the pollutants actually grab ahold of that heat and capture it and enclose it into the earth’s atmosphere, causing the heat to rise.

Now, these pollutants mainly come from the burning of fossil fuels to make electricity and the pollution that comes from transportation areas. So, what effects does Global Warming have on earth? Well, oceans will rise due to ice melting, and an increase of wildfires will start to occur more. Heatwaves, new animals, heavy rains, and flooding will affect farms, forests, and cities. Habitats will collapse causing animals to go extinct, and more diseases and symptoms will start to pop up more due to the pollution.

As a result of all of this, how could we as people help global warming decrease ? Well, we could first and most importantly speak up about the issue to get more recognition, lower your home pollution with renewable energy, which is the power that uses wind or solar. Use less of your air conditioning because it’s one of the main causes of energy use in a home, reduce your water waste, etc. The importance of this article is to basically warn you that global warming is not going to just magically disappear. It’s up to us to take care of the planet because what’s going to happen when we do nothing and our planet starts to repeatedly get worse? We will die with it and that will be the end of the human race. So please try to take care of this lovely planet we call home because it’s all we’ve got.