Is Playing Sports in High School Distracting?


Is playing sports in high school distracting from school? A lot of activities and programs can take up time after school. 55.5% of students play a sport in high school. Many parents want their child to be involved in the school, but some believe sports cause a distraction. It also depends on what sport you are in and the schedule. Sports have become more competitive so the practices will be more constant. Some students don’t believe the sport is distracting because they enjoy their sport. And colleges like to see involvement in school. Some students have found sports distracting because of studying; they are practicing until late hours and are not motivated to study. Overall if you have bad grades you won’t be eligible to play the sport so that should be the motivation for students to keep up with school and their sport. In my opinion I play two sports, and both are both very time consuming and I still find a way to balance both out. As long as you have motivation for both you should succeed.