Black Lives or Black Votes?

During each election time there comes a pick and choose point on who your audience is going to be. It’s been seen again and again from both political parties that the welfare of the people isn’t always their first goal but rather, securing the job comes first. A recent link in a Google trend study shows when the black lives community really matters and it’s always every 4 years around election time.(click to see link) We’ll have people going from state to state in the hopes of winning people’s hearts with written speeches all while knowing that they are not going to help the very people that helped them get to where they are today. In black communities there tends to be less funding compared to other areas, lack of education systems or failing versions of it, and much cheaper housing tracts. The reason for this? Democratic run areas. Though it may not be an openly accepted idea, the democrats have been using the immigrants from Mexico and the black community for their votes all while still having areas with the highest crime rates and poverty. Examples of this can be seen in San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, L.A., and plenty of other areas all being run by the people that have been voted in over and over again. With California it was governor Brown, then Schwarzenegger (claimed Republican but had democratic policies), and now Newsom, all of which are pushing the same agenda of higher taxes, appealing to gender and race rights (like having open borders) even though they truly don’t care. The idea of socialism is a failing concept as seen in areas like Venezuela and yet the DNC still chooses to push these ideas on the public because they know one thing. It’s that the public is easily manipulated and misinformed. This has been seen on multiple occasions with liberal news stations like CNN and MSNBC which have been denying claims for years of this idea even when there have been play backs of their statements showing unaided facts, lies, or personal beliefs mixed in instead of factual evidence and it all comes down to ratings. To make a long idea short, think about who you are voting for or supporting this election because there is always more than meets the surface.