Is Online School Better Than Regular School?


Which is better?

Since the spread of COVID-19 I think doing online school is the safest choice as a way to protect students, staff, and families from getting the virus. However I don’t think many students are learning about the actual courses, they are just learning how online school works and how to turn work in before the deadline. I’ve asked several students about how they feel about online school and the majority of them have said the same thing. Many dislike online learning they find that not only do teachers give too much work, but many are expected to do school and work around the house at the same time. Many students have said they find online school to be stressful and that it takes a toll on their mental health which then affects their schoolwork. Personally online school have worsened my mental health and the only thing I am learning is how to turn assignments in before 11:59 pm. While I completely understand why online school is needed at this time I think schools should take into consideration the toll online school has on students’ health.