New Netflix Shows To Watch

New Netflix Shows To Watch

Since everyone has all this free time, I’m pretty sure everyone has been watching a lot of TV. I have watched seasons after seasons almost every day. Here are shows that I recommend.

Criminal Minds

I know that there are so many episodes, but when you start watching it goes by so fast. I watched it all within a month. I not going to give any spoilers, but the more you watch it the more you feel connected to the characters and the stories.


This show is currently my favorite show , and is currently filming season 11. This show is honestly so sad because this family has life so hard and each character has their own life that’s hard. Even though together they have been through so much, they still manage to laugh and have good times together.

The Umbrella Academy

I started watching this show when it first came out but I didn’t finish watching it all the way. I started watching it again when the second season came out and me and my friends watched at my house and it felt as if it just kept going on and on but it was interesting.

Vampire Diaries

As of right now I’m watching this show on season 1, episode 7. This show so far I like it and I can’t stop watching it. My older brothers and uncles watch this show and they always talk about it. I can’t say to much about the show because I just started watching it.