People are Wondering Where Their Money Went For BLMGA


A BLM activist is being charged with money laundering after using donations from BLMGA (Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta). Tyree Conyers-Page was identified by the FBI.

They noted that Page received more than $450,000 in donations between June and August while violence exploded across the U.S. He claimed donations would be helping in efforts for justice against racism and police violence. Page said he would use the money to support in seeking justice for George Floyd. But, the FBI is alleging that Page used the donations on personal items such as a home security system, furniture, clothing, accessories, entertainment, and food for the summer.

Page allegedly purchased two pieces of real estate with $112,000 in  Toledo, Ohio, with funds from BLMGA. In September he allegedly transferred money to another personal bank account and used it to purchase a pistol and two rifles.