PC vs. Console Gaming: Which One’s Better?


I switched to PC gaming about 7 months ago just before the virus took over our lives so as you can guess I’ve played a lot of PC already in that time frame due to staying at home so much. Before making the switch to PC I played ps4 (no hate please) and I truly loved it. PC has opened a whole new section of games for me as now I enjoy playing story games because they look too good on PC. I know PC is expensive but I say all gamers should look into building one as they are very worth it. At first it was very overwhelming learning to play on a keyboard and mouse but if you want you can play on a controller still. Everything about PC is just better than console. The only thing I will give console is the fact that it’s so easy to move from place to place while PC is just not that way. Before building my PC I had rarely ever used a computer but if you already use one and are familiar with it then you will be way more comfortable than I was. All I have to say is if you get bored gaming you can still use your PC as a normal computer and I feel PC is multipurpose.