The Effects of Technology on Our Mental Health


In our world we have made many technological advances, one of those being electricity. We then created computers, phones, and tablets. There are many good effects of this technology, but there are many bad effects too. There has been a lot of research on technology and its effect on our mental health. The good effects of technology on our mental health is that it can keep us entertained, and give us something to do so we’re not bored. Yet with a lot of good there is still some bad to come along with it. Studies show that technology can give us addictions, our eyes can get eyestrains or become tired from staring at a screen for prolonged amounts of time, you can get anxiety, and the list goes on. The recommended amount of time spent on a screen every day is said to be roughly two hours, but many adults can go up to 10 hours a day at their jobs, and distance learning during the coronavirus is not helping us teenagers. Many of us have addictions to social media and check our phones many times every day to see what other people are doing. We could look at other people that look like they’re doing well because of what they post on Instagram, but they are the same as us, looking at everyone else trying to be noticed. We post pictures of ourselves to look like we’re having fun because we are all humans and have a want for that recognition to be cool. It seems like the more followers we get, the more and more recognition we need. This can cause anxiety, depression, hatred, and many other bad emotions towards ourselves and others. We should all try to make an effort to limit screen time to preserve our mental health because we only get one life, and we should treat it with care.