The Struggle of Being Heard

Can You Just Listen?


“Did you understand what I just said?”

“I’m tired of repeating myself.”

“Nothing… forget it, I’m good.”

Have you or are you in a situation where you think your voice is not worth being heard or acted upon? You’re just tired, overwhelmed,  just exhausted with having to repeat yourself over and over again? Or that you feel like your problems or feelings are not worthy enough to be heard? So many people are screaming for help to get out of quicksand but nobody is hearing them to go and give them a hand. The majority of those people are children, children who are trying to get out of a rough situation that they’ve been repeatedly asking for help with. Moreover, nobody seems to listen, to follow, to understand the cries of help that they’re projecting to the world.

There are many people today that are now afraid to speak up and say something, because they’re afraid of getting rejected. They have trust issues because of previous people they have confided in, or went to for help who just denied them or just put them to the side, as if their problems weren’t worth it enough to put at least some type of effort into, so that they can try to be fixed. What if this were you? What if this IS you? Not only are these people, these children, scared… they’re tired. They’re tired of  having to explain themselves and others just smashing down on them negatively by listening to them and then saying that they’re wrong for feeling that way, that they’re wrong for asking for help, or that they’re ungrateful because some have it worse than them.

Well guess what…IT DOES NOT MATTER if some have it worse, if others are more important or if someone else is asking for help. When someone is willingly having the audacity to ask a simple 2+2 question they should be helped. Because that’s how people just keep quiet and end up taking a path they thought was their only option, where they end up on the streets, doing drugs, in jail, or even dead… all because somebody did not want to listen to their voice.