The Effects of Zoom


For the past couple months we have been doing school over zoom. We are trying to make it as normal as possible but that is a little hard. Even though we have been doing zoom for awhile there are both positive effects and negative effects. Some positive effects are that we are learning and being safe all while following the 6-feet distance rule. If we were to go to school then we all could have the risk of attracting covid-19.


We also get more sleep because we don’t have to physically go to school. We could really get up a minute before 1st period starts and turn on zoom and no one would know you had just woken up. Some negative effects are that we are sitting at our electronics for 6-8 hours a day for 5 days a week. That can cause our backs to hurt after a while. The other effect is our eyes. Looking at a screen for a long period of time for many days at a time could lead to blurry vision and strained eyes. This also can lead to headaches and neck tension. The good thing is that those things can most likely go away with time away from sitting and slouching in your seat. I would recommend at break or lunch to go for a walk or just stay away from technology. But if it wasn’t for zoom we wouldn’t be able to see our teachers or ask and get an immediate answer from them. We also wouldn’t have someone to explain the assignment even when we think we know what to.