The Aftermath of BLM’s “Protests”

While the media like to portray BLM’s riots as “peaceful protest” they fail to show people the full extent of their actions. These riots all over the country have destroyed cities and ruined the small business owners’ lives as well as the community. They are seen looting, burning down buildings, and have taken the lives of others. These riots are supposed to help the black community but in actuality, they are hurting the black community by burning down stores and homes from which they receive their food. There is a video of a black woman crying after what these people where they tried to enter her building but thankfully there was security there to protect her.


See the source imagePeople are going around doing much more harm than good thinking they’re heroes and are stopping racism. While the approval ratings of BLM have tanked to 53% the disapproval in Minnesota with 36.2 disapproval and 10.8 who are unsure. The approval rating is high there is another poll where they asked if BLM made race relations better were 45% say it is worse 34% say it made relations better while.