Is Online Learning Affecting People’s Health?


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As a lot of places have been starting school online, and this major transition to online learning has been taking a toll on everyone’s mental health. Not only the students, but teachers and staff as well. For example, sleeping schedules–there have been a lot of students and even teachers having a big impact on their sleeping schedules, being sleep deprived and not having enough energy throughout the days.

Another thing is the amount of time everyone is spending in front of technology. Just imagine being on zoom when school is about 6 hours a day plus doing assignments that are mostly online, that is a lot of hours just staring at a screen. This has been affecting people’s mental and physical health, including myself. I’ve noticed ever since starting online learning, I’ve been way more tired than usual, having no motivation, staying up various amounts of hours doing work and not getting enough sleep, and just my eating habits have changed dramatically. I hope everyone opens back up the schools so we can all go back to having somewhat normal lives.