Being a Record Collector


For this week, I felt like I should express a hobby I enjoy. That hobby is collecting vinyl records. When it comes to being a collector of vinyl records, there are many things you should know so you can have the best quality, and be the safest with your records. So, in this article, I will be giving advice and instructions on how to be a record collector.

Purchasing Records:

Of course, when starting to collect records, you’re going to have to purchase your first one. If you are buying one online through Amazon or Ebay, for example, you should always search for ones that are sealed. Getting a sealed copy of your record is good because it gives the impression that it’s new, and hasn’t been used. If you were to get an opened/used copy, however, there’s a great chance that it will have a scratch, or it will be dirty in general. In my opinion, getting your records in person at a store is the best way to receive them. Not only are you guaranteed good quality, but you could get discounts, deals and trades for most albums.

Record Players:

Another thing about being a record collector is that you need to have a record player. There are many kinds of record players, ones that are mobile, and ones that are more stationary. Me personally, I own a mobile one that looks like a suitcase when you carry it around, but I think a stationary one has more sound quality. Just in case you don’t know how to use a record player, I will go through the basics. First, when opening your player, you’ll notice that there is a lever. That lever is what lowers the needle to enable it to touch the record. Speaking of the needle, it is essential to use the needle because it is how the music is played from the record. Now, if by chance your record sounds off, you should use the toning options located below the lever. With that, you can get your music to the correct speed so that you can listen to your album correctly. Sometimes, depending on how you are using the needle, your records may develop scratches, which is why we’ll now talk about taking care of your records properly.

Caring For Your Records:

Lastly, you should get familiar with taking care of your records. You need to be cautious on how you play them, because if you are not careful, you may get them scratched. You may be wondering what’s the big deal with scratches on your records? Well, wherever that scratch may be, it will affect how the songs are played by either skipping certain parts, or looping. The best way to get rid of a scratch is by first locating the scratch, then lightly use an eraser or toothpick to remove it. Make sure not to apply a lot of force, or else you’ll damage the record even more. To avoid getting scratches as a whole, just make sure that you are carefully and properly using the needle to play your records.