What’s Under the Sea?

What's Under the Sea?

As we all know there are many creatures that live beneath us that we know of and many others that we don’t know and haven’t even been discovered. The ocean is so big that it covers most of the earth. We all know the basic animals under the sea like fish, sharks, turtles, octopus, but I did some research on animals we have never heard of. One that caught my eye the most and is rare but dangerous is the stargazer. This creature has camouflage features that blends him into sand and if you were to step the one you would automatically feel the pain of burning and swelling up, bleeding and you would feel some sort of electrocution. Not only sea creatures but items are also found like the Apollo moon rocket engines. These rockets were launched in the 1960’s and were found at the bottom of the sea by some researchers. The engines are now located in the museum of flights. So many things are at the bottom of the sea–have you ever found anything?