Indigenous Peoples’ Day


Photo Credit: Buyenlarge

On Monday October 12, 2020 we celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day. What is Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Well to answer that question we must know what it came from. This holiday came from none other than Columbus Day which is known as the day that Italian immigrants in the United States celebrate as the “arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas.” As a result of Columbus’ voyages to America, he destroyed ancient civilizations, murdered many indigenous people, and didn’t actually discover America because it was already home to 100 million indigenous people.

Fortunately on the second Monday in October of 1972, President Richard Nixon signed a proclamation making this the official date of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Many Native American people protested Columbus Day because he stole the Native people’s land and for obvious reasons none of them were going to sit idly by and be satisfied with others thinking he discovered America. For Indigenous Peoples’ Day we celebrate the first people to call this land home. The Native Americans endured many struggles and tragedies they suffered from Columbus discovering their land. So on this day, take a minute to reflect on who really discovered America first, not who invaded it and claimed it as their own. Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day Everyone!