The Great Shakeout


The Great Shakeout is an earthquake drill that regions do to prepare students for in case an earthquake actually happens. For Elsinore High School the great shake out will happen on October 15, 2020. If we were in school then we would wait for the voice over the loud speaker and then we would wait under our desks then go to the football field to wait. But we can’t do that since we’re not at school. In the case of an earthquake you would stop what you are doing, cover your head and neck, and then go under a stable object. You would stay under the cover until the earthquake ends. Afterward, be safe and stay alert for aftershocks.

Make sure you and your family are safe and aren’t harmed. Listen to radios for news or any information. And don’t worry. Something like San Andreas most likely will not happen because that was 9.0 magnitude. But the Great Shakeout is to help us protect us from earthquakes whether we’re home or at school.