Is It a Good Idea to Seek Help for Mental Health?


Hello, my name is Zoe Lynn Patrick and I have depression and anxiety. I don’t say suffer because I just don’t like that term. I’m also telling you all this because I’m okay with talking about what I’m going through if it will help someone now or in the future. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety back in June. I had been dealing with it on my own since middle school. Over the years it just got worse and worse. The best thing I ever did was talk to my mom about it.

When I talked to my mom about what I was going through she made a doctor’s appointment right then and there. The days leading up to the appointment I was super nervous thinking they were going to tell me I was fine and nothing was wrong. When I got there I had to take a quiz that asked me questions about my mental health in the 2 weeks before the appointment.

I got done with the quiz and they called me back into a room maybe 5 minutes later. When we got there the doctor came in and she talked to me and my dad for a little just to see his point of view. She then took me into another room to see my side of everything. She looked at the results of the quiz and told me that my score was very high which wasn’t a good thing. She put me on medication and recommended I go to counseling.

I have been on medication and have been going to counseling since June and I had a follow up appointment about a week or two ago and I had to retake the quiz and this time my score was significantly lower which is a good sign. It tells her that the medication and counseling is working. There are still times where I want to fall back into old habits but I stop myself. I take a step back, take a breath, and calm down.

There is one thing that has impacted me and that’s adults not understanding that mental health is a real thing that impacts almost everyone. People take their lives due to mental health issues. It’s a huge thing. Mental health has been a worldwide phenomenon for a very long time.