Time to Be Independent

Time to Be Independent

Good Morning Elsinore,

Today I’m starting a new series named “PepTalkWithArii.” I have a lot of opinions about certain subjects and I want people to start hearing me, to start consuming the words that come out of my mouth, because lately nobody has been taking my advice and taking themselves into the wrong path, or really just getting defensive because they’re hearing a different opinion than their own.

Moving forward in today’s PepTalk we will be talking about how we humans need to start bossing up and start being independent! I’m hearing so many people come to me and talk to me about how they CAN’T do anything because so and so doesn’t want to do this, or they don’t like this, or they don’t feel this, etc… PAUSE. That’s where they need stop talking and think to themselves “why in the world am I choosing what to do, depending on what somebody else wants to do?

Nowadays, people are so worried about how others view them, but honestly WHO CARES! If this person is not going to benefit you in any way in the future, why do their opinions matter? YOU ARE YOU, and you do what YOU want to do, you dress how YOU want to dress, stop being a dependent and start being independent, because at the end of the day you are going to be the only person that’s going to hold you down at the end of the night. Now another reason to not be dependent on someone is, how about you get put out to the streets or you’re stuck in a bad situation, but in your head you’re saying “oh it’s fine,” because so and so got me, so I don’t got nothing to worry about, but then you call them questioning where they’re at and they flake. They’re not trying to help you, they care more about their TV show that turns on in 30min. Now look at you stuck in a situation with no plan B, just stuck, standing stranded, now you’re freaking out because you depended on being saved by Superman.

Moreover, you don’t want to be the one person depending on somebody else to direct how YOU live!! Don’t have someone else pay your bills, don’t have some else decide how you should act, JUST STOP TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYBODY! Because let me tell you, with people nowadays ESPECIALLY NOW, everything comes with a price to them, everybody has to pay them back or favor for a favor. Nothing is ever on the house.

So the next time you look in the mirror, don’t ask “are they going to enjoy how I am today?” It’s “is this who I want to be today?” Why? Because his/her/their opinions and judgments DO NOT MATTER! Only yours, so be you, do you, and do what YOU want to do, because only you know what’s best for you.