2020 Election

2020 Election

On Saturday, Joe Biden was announced as president-elect. It was and will be a great day for minorities in this country. Not only did we get rid of Trump, we got our first BLACK WOMAN as our vice president. I know that Biden is not that much better for us but he is at least not Trump. I don’t know much about Biden just that he has had a lot of losses over the years, which Trump throws in his face.

In one interview Trump called Biden’s son a loser, while Biden’s son lost his battle with cancer. I couldn’t imagine the pain he must have gone through to mourn his son’s death and to get it thrown in his face like that. When Trump’s brother died Biden was being supportive about it even when he said so much stuff about his family.

Trump supporters don’t really have anything to lose now that he’s president, like all I kept seeing was that “Biden is raising taxes” and “He is taking our guns.” Biden is only going to raise taxes on people who make more that 400k a year and he’s not taking guns, only maybe an AR buyback program. If Trump would have won a lot of minorities and women would have everything to lose.

Trump has some supporters who are minorities which by the way makes no sense because he doesn’t seem to even like them. Trump has said that Mexicans are rapists, black people are lazy and thugs, and Islamic people are terrorists. When, no offense, but many of the mass shootings and crimes that happen are done by the white male. I think Trump supporters are just ignorant to what’s actually going on in America, but mainly because it doesn’t affect them. Like when I was in Minnesota during the BLM protest over George Floyd there were people who were saying that racism doesn’t exist but it does, everyday it happens. Trump was even making jokes about the whole George Floyd incident, which is so sad.

There’s just so much wrong with Trump.  I think he is a misogynist, xenophobe, narcissist, homophobic, transphobic, thief, sexist, rapist, and racist.