Thanksgiving is the “Cinderella Story” of Holidays

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It’s officially November! Halloween is over and the leaves continue to change from the brightest greens to the golden array of yellows and oranges. The warm weather slowly begins to fade and cozy sweaters and knitted scarves are drawn out from one’s closet. Most importantly, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Although, something I have noticed quite recently is the fact that it’s starting to look more like winter than fall. I understand that it is almost necessary for chain retail stores to always stay ahead of seasonable items on the market, but it seems as though that business tactic has gotten the better of society.

I understand that Christmas is a very beloved and widely popular holiday, but is it so hard to just show some love and appreciation for Thanksgiving? This holiday is extremely important in my opinion. Without Thanksgiving, there would be one less holiday that is based around the idea of families coming together and showing gratitude for one another and the blessings in life. Thanksgiving is a holiday that rekindles kindness and overall improves the community by acknowledging the importance of being kind, selfless and loving.