My Opinion on the Presidential Election


The 2020 presidential election was absolutely crazy, and I don’t know if it’s because I can understand it more now than I could four years ago when I was 10, or if I’m just now paying attention to politics, but even I was stressing out over this.  It was funny to see all the new video ideas for TikTok though. I didn’t even know that elections could last days, and that Nevada could take so long to count ballots. My sister seemed more stressed out about this though, and the day my dad told her that Biden won, she was super excited. This was the day before her birthday too, so we got to celebrate two things. Watching Kamala Harris‘s speech was super cool to watch with my family, even my dad who never pays attention to these types of things was into it. I can safely say that next term, after four years, I’m excited to vote for the next president.