My Thoughts on the New Black Ops Game


In my opinion the game feels rushed. I know they had a deadline but I think the game should have been delayed a little bit to fix some things. There are many bugs that stop you from playing the game entirely, such as being stuck in a lobby screen. There’s also an issue that only pc players have, which makes the game nearly unplayable because it makes your computer stutter which just feels like you’re lagging. The weapons are over boosted meaning that all the weapons do way too much damage especially the mp5. In fact, the mp5 is just broken, it takes no skill to use. Skill based matchmaking is a little harsh on this game which causes a Trend of good games and bad ones over and over. Lastly, why did they make it so snipers are so bad? Snipers have been getting worse and worse they are very slow and the one-shot hitbox is very small. Overall the game can feel and play very nice I just am going to wait until the first patch-notes to come out and hope the game got fixed because as of now I do not want to play it.