5 Tips to Stay Focused or Study for School


Boy is Studying clipart. Free download transparent .PNG | CreazillaThis year is very different than any year, mostly with school. I always had a hard time studying and staying focused but over this year I found a couple of ways that have been helping me this year. This year I got better at studying and being able to focus on my school work throughout the day, but you might need someone for a couple of these tips. For the first tip, it’s the usual index card to study. But I would recommend doing it as a game or have someone with you to make it fun or to make you laugh. It’s hard to study when there’s no noise or it’s just boring and we’re most likely to stop. Tip 2 is that every time you ask someone a question, they won’t answer till you get something right off the study guide. Tip 3 is to stay focused during class and get your favorite snack or food and eat part of it every once a while. Tip 4 is kind of a not-tip in a way. It’s where your parents are in the room with you when you’re in class. That will of course keep you “focused.” The last tip is to remember that there are only a couple of assignments left and that you’re going to be fine at the end.