Among Us



This game has honestly ruined my life ! I’m playing it all the time instead of practicing sports or doing literally anything that I’m supposed to do and push it until later in the day. Like for example, I was hungry but didn’t eat until hours later and that was because my phone died and then I realized how hungry I actually was. So instead of going to sleep at like 10 or a decent time I’m going to sleep at like 2 am and waking up at like 8. The most important question is what I will do to change this – ABOSULTY NOTHING! I love this game, it’s so fun, I highly recommend, 10/10.

So if you don’t have this game let me explain it to you. There are 10 players and it depends on which setting you have but there are usually 2 imposters (people who kill the other players) and while everyone is doing tasks the imposter is killing the players. Each time a body is reported you have to talk and figure out who the imposter is. You can play with random people or with your friends or both.

I’m really addicted to it. My brother and I play it everyday together all the time and he never leaves my room now. It all over my FYP on TikTok because I keep liking videos about it. Anyways I’m going to play Among Us some more.