What I Have Learned from Video Games


Video Games for a lot of people have been a place where you can escape reality and just be yourself and can also be a distraction in both good ways and a lot of that has do with who you play with and what you play. There are a lot of great things that you could benefit off of when you play games such as meeting new people online. The risk you take with playing online is you really never know who you are talking to possibly everyday and you always have to be cautious of that, but there are also many great people online that share a lot of similarities with you that a lot of people don’t experience in real life.

For example, I have a friend that me and my friends were playing online for about a year and we exchanged phone numbers added each other on social media and started to become really good friends and later on we both realized that we were only an hour away from each other, so one day we both made a plan to go to the beach and meet for the first time. We all went in the water and talked and got ice cream and it was one of the best days of my life  and after that we started to hang out every other week and he became part of our friend group and one of my best friends to this day.

Another thing that is very beneficial when it comes to video games nowadays is that a lot of them are very competitive and you can learn to make a team with some friends and try to compete to become a good player and be better than a lot of people. There is one really fun game that I like to play which is called Apex Legends, which is the same concept as Fortnite, in which your goal is for you or your team to be the best team in a game full of up to sometimes 100 people but in Apex Legends it is 20 squads of up to 3 people. The reason I personally love Apex so much is that there are so far around 15 different characters that you can play as that each have two super unique abilities which you can make up so many different strategies with and there is so much you can do in that game.

What makes it beneficial to real life is for example in a job when you are trying to compete to get a raise and become the manager of a big company you are competing against a lot of people to get that raise just like in a lot of video games. I know there are some bad habits you can learn from video games such as being addicted to playing it for sometimes even 8 hours a day, but video games are just meant to entertain you. There are a lot of real life struggles than video games can help improve upon and a way to connect and meet new people and that is what I have learned from playing games and I’m sure many other people can relate and agree with me.