Staying in Shape Over Quarantine

November 30, 2020

Throughout quarantine the biggest things I’ve seen pop up in people’s minds is mental health or physical issues. People miss the general idea of going out and doing stuff but gyms aren’t consistent with the managing over everything becoming stricter and constant shut downs. I’d like to make a solution for those willing to find work outs without the comfort of equipment. In the home work outs which will be set into the daily regimen or schedule of workouts has to come down more towards the individual’s will power, proper dieting, and most important is form. Below is a list of 5 days worth of exercises meant to target every major area of the body.

1. Arms-
forearm grab a tennis ball or if capable for better results use hand grips. (Do for about 5-10 min til burning feeling)

(Go to 3:40)


20×20 shoulder tap (split into 4 sets of 4×4 with 1-3 minutes rest)

Make sure but is lowered back is straight and shoulders are even length apart in proper push up starting position

Door way curls (As many reps as possible til failure)

Seated dips 5-10×20 (make sure hands are facing away from u and palms more to the side otherwise you’ll have shoulder pain)


Towel tricep extension 3×10 or 4×8

Day 2 shoulders

Dive bomber push ups 3×12

Incline push ups 3×12 (make sure to place feet evenly together and watch stance)

Decline push ups 3×12(watch form on shoulders for tension, take slightly wider hand positioning for a better grip hold)

Day 3 Abs

Rectus abdominis muscle
Reverse crunch 5×10

Abdominal external oblique muscle

Side Elbow Plank With a Twist 4×20-25

Transverse abdominal muscle

Russian twist 4×20-25(make sure feet are crossed or together for posture and make sure legs are lifted off ground by about an inch+)

Abdominal internal oblique muscle

Elevated Mountain Climbers 5 minutes straight A.M.R.A.P

Day 3:chest

Wide pushups 4×10

Decline push ups 4×10

Incline push ups 4×10

Plyo-push ups 3×8

Day 4: Back

Superman(essentially a full body plank but raise both arms and legs up in the air, back straight, and tighten core)  hold for 30+ seconds depending on endurance

Cobra pose/Bhujangasana 2+ min depending on tension feeling going away in mid back (meant as a double between stretch and a lot of stance on upper and mid back)

dolphin kicks 4×8

Day 5 legs

Squats 6×20 (Make sure feet are even with shoulder length, toes facing forward and bend as far down as possible while keeping mostly straight back with slight arch in back.)

Raised Lunges 5×20 (make sure foot on elevation has a bend on the toe when going down)

Wall sits for 5-10 min (get low to make it harder!)

Calf raises 4×50 or 2×100 These are important to keep on the front of the foot and never let the heel touch the ground to shock the muscle tighten the back of the quads and a glute work out as well. It’s best as well if holding an outer corner or grab on to something for support.

Hope all this helps inspire you to improve and grow. It’s not an overnight thing either, you don’t have to cut corners in a diet. Weight loss comes from consistency and it’s something that like body building takes time to shape and tone. Don’t give up because in the end you make the choice.

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