What Can We Expect With Big Tech Censorship


With 2020 over and moving onto a new year for 2021 we kind of went off for a rough start. Moments before Biden was declared President of the United States, the capitol building was being stormed with Trump supporters, with 5 people dead in the end. The aftermath of it left a big stain on the whole protest that day.

In the moment of the heat, Twitter banned Trump for inciting violence, but he was actually trying to calm the flame and tell everyone to go home. He even went as far as criticizing the people for their destructive actions in the capitol building in a pre-recorded message. After this many of his supporters were also banned from Twitter.


People are furious and this country is seemingly dividing over politics. They are worried that big tech companies may be censoring what people see, changing the outcome of elections. Many others would say that they have the right to show what they want on their websites. But, a different company like this, Parler, was removed from the app store because they didn’t remove violent comments in time in violation of Google’s guidelines. Twitter on the other hand has comments that incite violence like “Hang Mike Pence.”

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If people can’t voice their own ideas or opinions they don’t go away. An example is Alex Jones. He was spouting his voice and he was kicked out of every platform, and what happened? He created his own website where thousands of people still view him. Ideas don’t go away and as people start looking at them they start to form their own opinions.