New Year’s Resolutions


Everyone has New Year’s resolutions whether you know it or not. Most people try to go to the gym and eat healthy. Sometimes it’s small things like making your bed in the morning and adding more ands more things as the weeks go on.

My New Year’s resolution is to get up every morning on time. Even on the weekends I try to get up at a reasonable time. Every week I add a new thing. This week I added making my bed every morning. I know it seems like making your bed in the morning is a simple thing that every one knows but for some people it’s hard to wake up every morning on time and do all these things. But that topic is for a different time.

Another New Year’s resolution is to read as many books as you can or want to. I’ve read one book so far. I think that reading one book a month is a really good idea. If you have a pretty large book then it might take you a little bit longer to read. Nevertheless I think New Year’s resolutions are a really good way to help you in the new year.