Super Bowl LV


The Super Bowl this year was known as the 55th Super Bowl, also known as Super Bowl LV. This year it was the Kansas City Chiefs against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and it is always the most hyped up sports event in America. This Super Bowl was a big deal because Tom Brady who is on the Buccaneers was about to win his 7th Super Bowl which is the most Super Bowls anyone has won in NFL history. His team did end up winning and the score was 31 to 9 so it wasn’t very competitive which didn’t make it that exciting to watch because it’s always the most enjoyable when it’s a super close game. This year during the half time show the hit pop star singer The Weeknd performed all of his most popular songs during the Super Bowl and it was very enjoyable and for me personally it was the best part. But overall the Super Bowl wasn’t anything special but it is still super popular and it’s the biggest sport event in America.