The Assassination of James Garfield


James A. Garfield was elected the 20th President of the United States back in 1881, yet died two months into his presidency. Today we will be explaining the events that led up to his death, and talk about the assassin himself. When Garfield was elected, he had received several letters from a man known as Charles Guiteau. In the letters, Guiteau wished to be rewarded a consulship, for he believed that he was the main reason Garfield won the election in the first place because he wrote a speech to the public in favor of him. Garfield would ignore all letters that were by Guiteau, which left Guiteau no choice but to stalk him and James Blaine, the secretary of state. After a while, Blaine confronted Guiteau telling him to never speak to him about the consulship for as long as he lived. This caused Guiteau to be enraged, making him purchase a gun, and ambush Garfield at the Baltimore Potomac Railroad Station. Garfield was shot twice in the back, and was hospitalized for 11 weeks before finally passing away. Guiteau was formally charged with murder, and he was proud of it, for he had gotten the fame he always wanted. During his trial, he was insulting everyone there, especially his own defense team. He also wrote his testimony as a poem, and insulted everyone in court some more, which then led to him getting the death penalty. When arriving to the gallows, he wrote one last poem which he spoke in a high-pitched voice, for the poem was written from the point of view of a child. And finally, Guiteau was hanged on June 30th, 1882.