Ginny & Georgia

Ginny & Georgia


I just started watching this morning but I’m on episode 7 and I hate Ginny! She is so annoying like I’m not saying she hasn’t gone through stuff but her mom has gone through more. Like she sacrificed so much for her to have all the things she didn’t have and all Ginny does is complain about things that don’t matter. Her mom tries so hard that she doesn’t need to end up how she did but I swear she’s so ungrateful.

I’m sorry but Hunter, literally just stop talking, he’s so – he makes me cringe. Their whole relationship she would rather be with her best friend’s brother like just do that already. Like you’re already cheating on your boyfriend with Marcus ( best friend’s brother). It’s like he’s stuck in 2016. Overall I don’t like him, he’s annoying to be honest.

Georgia is my favorite character, she has been through so much between being abused as a child to being a teen mom runaway. When people look down on her for being such a young mom she does her best for her kids even though they’re ungrateful. She doesn’t have the best track record with money or even men but she has always tried. She did what she could for her kids and never put them in any danger and if they were she fought to save and protect them.

Ginny’s dad is also one of my favorites even though he’s not there everyday he still tries to have relationship with his kid which is more than most dads that are there even try to do which says a lot. Even though in the show we don’t know much about him, we know small details.

Why is nobody talking about Abby, her parents were getting divorced, and she clearly had some type of body dysmorphia or an eating disorder of some type. She wanted smaller thighs so she wrapped duct tape around her legs and wore pants over it. Her friends just ignored everything until she blew it up in everyone’s face. Then they starting caring.

I loved Ginny and Marcus together like he’s the reason I would set my standards so high because he waited for so long to tell Ginny he loved her. He helped her out with her self harming and other things, he went through similar experiences. Everyone thought of him as trouble and he was just a bad person but he was just coping with his emotions.