Have You Watched The 100?


I recently started watching the show, The 100, on Netflix. I’m on episode nine of the first season and so far I am impressed. I like shows that are post apocalyptic and about bringing back civilization. This show relates to another show on Netflix called The Society because they are both about teenagers who have to survive by themselves. On The 100 a lot of people are stuck in space because Earth is not suitable for living things anymore, so for the past three generations of people, a spaceship called the ark was their new home. The people in charge of the ark decided to bring 100 people down to Earth to see if life can survive down there since it has been so long. The 100 people that were sent were juvenile delinquents, and to everyone’s surprise they are surviving. I have not finished the entirety of the show, but I can tell this is going to be a good one.