What Does the Wandavision Ending Mean?


The Wandavision final episode came out on 3/5/2021 and the ending was surprising. At the very end you see Wanda in the mountains in a cabin where she’s drinking her tea, but then the camera ends up going to one of the other rooms where you see Wanda looking at a interesting type of book and she is using her magic. This of course means that her story isn’t over yet. I know that Wandavision leads into Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness.

So I think there’s a possibility that they work together or there could be a change and Wanda becomes a villain. Also when Wanda is looking through the book and using her magic you hear her two kids yelling for her and asking for help, which to me explains the multiverse of madness. The ending also has me asking a couple of questions. Did she really get rid of her fake reality? Why did she choose a cabin in the middle of the mountains? How will this lead in Doctor Strange? But I think these will be answered eventually.