Educate Your Sons

Educate Your Sons

Even though all platforms for awhile now have been trying to bring awareness, straight boys have made excuses and misogynistic comments like, “what was she wearing, ” etc. It doesn’t matter what they were wearing and there is even a museum exhibit where rape victims can put what they were wearing to get rid of the idea of  “what were they wearing.” It makes me sad for all the victims because there are baby and kid clothes on display.

Growing up, all I learned about was how dangerous it is to be a girl so while my brother got to play outside with my parents watching, I couldn’t. Let’s not get started on sleepovers, which really doesn’t make sense because boys get raped and kidnapped too. Why in elementary school should I learn “my body is distracting”? I didn’t have any body fat or anything, it’s just oversexualizing. “You’re distracting to boys” says a lot in those 4 words, as if getting sent to the office for being dress coded wasn’t distracting enough. But what you are really saying is that the boys’ education is more important than mine.

Instead of teaching this idea we should teach boys things to educate them on real life issues. Like how 1 out of 6 women have been the victim of sexual assault.  So when we say “all men” it is because we have to assume that to stay safe because it’s almost always women who are assaulted. Honestly that’s horrible to think about because if I was to have kids I wouldn’t want my kids have to walk home with a taser and not allowed to be able to live their lives.

We know that even extraordinary measures won’t even be enough and we know this because of Sarah Everard. While walking home from a friend’s house that she had walked to many times before, she went missing, and she was on the phone. She was found dead and Wayne Couzens was arrested for her murder. He was a police officer, and they are supposed to protect us. That’s why I have always supported ACAB and defund the police, because they commit crimes and get away with them.

So instead of teaching girls how to be safe and avoid being kidnapped and raped we should teach boys that girls are people too and instead teaching them “it will ruin your career or life,” teach them that it will impact that girl for the rest of her life and cause her so much pain. It’s sad when I see on my timeline the excuse ” wElL BoYs GeT RapEd ToO.” Yeah, and they are mostly by men too so if that’s your argument you would want to defend those male victims like we do. They only used those excuses to push their narrative about women, but only 4% of rape reports are false, and that’s even a law that you can go to jail for.