My Weather and Climate Preferences


Most of my family and most people I meet prefer warm/hot sunny weather, rather than anything else. This is understandable, logically speaking, because if it’s snowy or rainy, it’s usually quite cold in addition to getting wet, whilst when it’s sunny or hot, it’s hot, which can be a bad thing, but you stay dry. You’re also probably more likely to get a cold in cold weather, rather than a heat stroke in hot weather. If it’s hot, you usually just stay in the shade or wear light clothes, but if it’s raining it can make the place dirty and wet which has more of an impact than hot weather. Also regarding snow, it can inhibit walking and driving, and also prompts people to wear heavy jackets and the like, which I would imagine most people don’t prefer. All that said, why do I prefer cold or stormy weather rather than hot or mild weather? I don’t really know myself, but I do know the effects. Whenever it’s raining or very cloudy, for some reason, my mood is a lot better. I like walking in rain or snow and I get a bit calmer when I do. So what sort of weather/climate do you prefer?